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U.S. Coast Guard to Probe Ida Led Oil Spills 

As Hurricane Ida left severe impacts across the United State’s oil and gas sector, the scale of destructions is frightening. The devastating Category 4 storm resulted in 60 fatalities, intense flooding that reached far north to New Jersey and New York. It not only led to widespread blackouts but also swept a significant oil and gas hub of the nation.

After a week of brutal incidents, the U.S. Coast Guard is opening up investigation reports of 350 oil spills along with 2,000 reports of Gulf water pollution. According to a Coast Guard statement, the organization is assessing for oil spills across the Louisiana coastline. Any incidence will be reported back to the local, state, and federal authorities. This will identify the spills and form a clean-up crew.

U.S. Coast Guard to Probe Ida Led Oil SpillsThe Coast Guard has so far assessed 800 of the 2,000 reports. One of the massive oil spills has already been checked out for the source, which displayed a streak kilometers long. The source is not active anymore; however, new sources of the leak are being discovered. The spill that singlehandedly let out massive amounts of oil was traced to a pipeline from a project by Talos Energy.

The project was not in operational status but still contained large quantities of oil that were not flowing over the Bay Marchand oil field.Pipelines that have been damaged by Hurricane Ida are leaking all across the Gulf. Nonetheless, none of the sills have appeared to reach the Louisiana coast so far.

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