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The US to Restart Oil and Gas Leases after Government Ruling against Ban

The US will soon resume oil and gas leasing, complying with the Government orders. The first lease will start from the Gulf of Mexico by early September.

In his last year’s election campaign, President Joe Biden had promised to ban the oil and gas lease on the federal lands and waters. The campaign and his promise aimed at preventing the impact of oil and gas drilling on climate conditions and adopt the more sources of renewable energy.

The US to Restart Oil and Gas Leases after Government Ruling against BanHowever, 13 US states had launched a lawsuit against the ban that aimed at overturning the ban. Thus, following the court orders and removal of the ban against the leasing of oil and gas, the judge has favored leasing.  The US federal Government will comply with the ruling at the time. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has evaluated the possible new leases for oil and gas and has examined the sales areas.

The US Bureau of Land Management by September will list the available oil and gas lands and fields for leases in the Gulf of Mexico. This auction in the Gulf of Mexico was scheduled to take place in the month of March of 2021. However, the bureau also assured that it would carry out the onshore leases on time.  The UD federal Government will appeal the ruling. At the same time, the Department of the Interior will evaluate the effects of oil and gas leasing on climate change.

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