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The US Approves First New Alzheimer’s Drug Planned by Experts

The TerraPower, Mark Gordon, and PacifiCorp, a firm supported by the Bill Gates Group, revealed June 2 plans to build a reactor with Natrium fuel at the Wyoming coal plant, which uses nuclear power to create carbon-free energy to benefit Utah’s Utah-based electricity provider, Rocky Mountain Power.

In the interview with FOX 13 Gouverneur Spencer Cox, energy advisor Thom Carter stated Utah power and the Utah jobs “will take part in this process” during the July 2 news conference. In a statement, Gov. Cox also praised the endeavor. ‘I am committed to supporting an all-above nuclear energy strategy. Utahns need stable energy supplies, which this Wyoming new project will ensure ecologically friendly,” Cox said Fox13.

The US Approves First New Alzheimer's Drug Planned by Experts“Coal communities have for centuries led our state and this country and have brought about incredible economic progress throughout the west. Rocky Mountain Power and its partners, Terra Power and the Energy Department, are showing that these same towns can drive our economic prosperity for future generations.”Rocky Mountain Power is the Berkshire-Hathaway division of PacifiCorp, which delivers electricity to a majority of Utah. The Natrium reactor, which “provides carbon-free power at a competitive price and is ready to smoothly integrate into high-level energy networks, will be manufactured by TRRAPower, created by Gates and Hitachi Nucleo Energy.

In October 2020, the US Department of Energy granted Terra Power $80 million in first financing to “show Natrium technology,” according to the statement.The corporation concluded a deal last May with the Energy Government and, subject to appropriations, the department pledged more money in the years to come.

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