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The Natural Gas Exports of Washington Reach a Record High, according to EIA

According to the latest data revealed by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S, the natural gas exports of Washington a Record High in the previous year.The data by the EIA was released on Monday. The exports have reached 5.3 trillion cubic feet in the last, says the EIA.

According to the agency, this record is higher as much as 13% from the previous year 2019.The exports of natural gas in the U.S have grown substantially over the past decade. In the year 2017, the exports had surpassed imports. This was recorded for the first time since 1957.Last year, the natural gas exports from the U.S were moved through the pipeline. About 55% of natural gas was moved through the pipeline. The exports were done to Mexico and Canada.

The Natural Gas Exports of Washington Reach a Record High, according to EIAThe remaining natural gas shipped as LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) overseas. The export volume of the U.S’s liquefied natural gas also reached a Record High in 2020.  The largest importing countries of the Liquefied Natural Gas were the Asian countries according to the EIA.

The import of the natural gas of the U.S came down to less than 2.6 Tcf. This was the lowest import of natural gas by the U.S since 2020. The consumption of the electric power sector in the U.S also reached a Record High. The consumption went up by 3% than in the year 2019 according to the EIA.

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