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The fight over who cleans forever chemicals begins

Government suing companies contaminating drinking water The state and the local government in the US are punishing the companies, particularly the manufacturers of PFAS  also known as forever chemicals and discharging into the drinking water by suing them. these forever are known as polyfluoroalkyl substances which are harmful for the water, soil and even human blood which could cause serious health hazards such as cancer or tumor.

Now that the water suppliers and the state and local government is in charge, it is a fight between the companies and the customers, who are the water drinker. The fight is about who is going to be hooked on for the hundreds of dollars as in the damage. The average estimate for removing the PFAS contaminated water across the nation would be about 400 billion dollars, which cuts short the settlement cost and the cost for cleaning up the water bodies or the environment, in general across, the nation.

The fight over who cleans forever chemicals beginsNow, if these manufacturers are unable to pay the damaging charges, the taxpayers or the water drinkers have to pay up. The reasons due to which these forever chemicals are favourable to the manufacturers is because these are mostly found in makeup products, stainless steel cook wares.

This chemicals is the reason why these products are hard to clean. This makes the product more durable, fire, water and wind resistant. Reputed companies like DuPont and 3M are being targeted but the Government as their products are made up from these forever chemicals and are now affecting the water bodies, soil and also the human health

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