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September Natural Gas Prices to Cut Premature Gains? 

Natural gas futures dealt both sides of the USD4.00/MMBtu level on Monday, August 2, 2021, while optimistic weather projections and determinedly sagging storage levels rapidly overturned the fatalities from late last week. The Nymex gas futures for the September deal strike a USD4.042 intraday high but eventually finished the day at USD3.935, an increase by just 2.1 cents from Friday’s close.

Spot gas prices also recoiled despite weak weather demand in hoard for this week, especially on the East Coast. NGI’s Spot Gas nationwide average raised by 17.0 cents to settle at USD3.915.Temperatures over the upcoming week are anticipated to be mostly modest thanks to an array of wet weather systems far-reaching across the eastern half of the U.S. On the other hand, traders on Monday centered on the longer-term outlook instead that implied heat recurring in a gigantic way by next week. Bespoke Weather Services stated stronger edging was showing up in the new weather models for the country’s eastern regions, offering an increase to temperatures in the East and Midwest.

September Natural Gas Prices to Cut Premature Gains?EBW analysts observed a spread of just about 23 cents between September and January, a regular spread of fewer than 5.8 cents. This fine spread, according to them, might be at least partially credited to hedging by natural gas producers trading the 2022 band.Double-digit Gains were the standard across the country cash markets on Monday, August 2, 2021, with West Coast markets directing the Gains as hot weather was observed persisting in the region.

The NWS said that windy, dry, and hot conditions are likely to persist, at least by Thursday, with extensive triple-digit temperatures projection for the inner regions of California. Peaks are anticipated to strike 94 degrees in Anaheim and 104 in Woodland Hills.

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