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Royal Dutch Shell Plc Abandoned to Argue

Royal Dutch Shell Plc has vacated its final attempt to argue that a major lawsuit brought by thousands of Nigerians over an oil spill in the West African country should be heard in Nigeria rather than the U.K.

The legal team of the petroleum firm declined to return to England’s High Court with arguments that the five-year-old case would be better heard in Nigeria, according to the parties in the case, conceding that the Nigerian subsidiary will now be joined to claims made in England against the parent company.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Abandoned to ArgueThe U.K. Supreme Court said in a landmark ruling in February that Shell’s parent company could be sued in English courts for the actions of its Nigerian subsidiary. The court, however, left the door open for Shell to argue that it was more appropriate to leave any action against the local unit to Nigerian courts. By including the subsidiary in the U.K. proceedings, more documents about Shell’s work in Nigeria are likely to be made public.Oil major Shell Plc has signed a five-year contract with PetroChina to supply the Chinese company with carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas cargos.

Many companies, particularly those in the fossil fuel industry are using tools such as carbon offsets to compensate for emissions they are unable to cut in their operations. Nature-based offset projects such as reforestation, protect, transform or restore land and enable nature to add oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide emissions.The announcement came as PetroChina received its first carbon-neutral LNG cargo at the Dalian port of China. Shell said the offsets would come from its portfolio of nature-based emission reduction projects.

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