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Riverland will benefit from a New Battery Installation that will Increase Energy Security

The company claims that the new battery energy storage facility, which will be developed across four locations in the Riverland, would be the biggest of its type in Australia.The BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is being built by Enel X at CIT (Central Irrigation Trust) facilities in Berri, Loveday, Waikerie, and Chaffey, and is expected to be operational by mid-2022.

The batteries will benefit CIT and Enel X financially, but they will also increase energy security in the Riverland and eventually become part of South Australia’s grid when additional renewable energy sources become available.

Riverland will benefit from a New Battery Installation that will Increase Energy Security“Batteries have a lot of potential for enhancing efficiency as we migrate to a more distributed power grid, particularly in local regions,” said Enel X Asia Pacific director Jeff Renaud.”There is already a solar power concentration in the Riverland region, which is causing midday power demand concerns.”The BESS project will connect to Enel X’s Virtual Electricity Plant, a nationwide system that recognizes energy demand across Australia and can help maximize energy savings while also supplying power.

The CIT is expected to get help for its irrigation and other local clients’ energy needs, but the company also stated that the project would be able to provide more electricity to the Riverland.”We are the guardians of the batteries, and we are the conduits to allow Enel X link into the network, and that’s a crucial part of them; they require customers like us to obtain access to the network,” said Greg McCaron, CEO of the Central Irrigation Trust.

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