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Our Team


ABC is recognized for her rich academic background and unfailing wit with which she has been successfully justifying her position as the Sub-Editor of She holds a post-doctoral degree in the field of Chemistry and has been constantly supporting the R&D cell of various news channels. Commencing her writing career as a science writer during her initial days, ABC has been persistently excelling in her writing prowess and has over the years honed an eye for detail. This explicitly explains her current role at as the Sub Editor. Besides her writing style and an absolute sense of perfection, ABC is also known for her impeccable sense of time-bound delivery as well as managerial skills that encourage her sub-ordinates to contribute as effective team players.

Talking about her managerial skills and collaboration attributes, ABC also occasionally organizes various team building activities at regular intervals. One the most favorable outcomes of such activities is tremendous knowledge exchange sprees that impacts productivity favorably.

Besides her lucrative career-graph as a Sub Editor at,ABC is also synonymous with other freelancer activities and thus boasts of extensive research documentation, technical whitepapers, case studies that have been used multiple times by an array of online users across fields, comprising also academic purposes.

Chief Editor: 

ABC2 is idolized as the head of the thinktank at He has been consistently developing the website as a single one-stop solution with extensive information on chemical industry developments, resonating readers’ interests. He has been unanimously picked for the position of Chief Editor owing to his tremendous zeal towards unraveling critical information, maintaining stiff deadlines and traversing the extra mile to ensure time-based decision-making, keeping the standards and protocols high.

Integrity and exceptional narrative skills make ABC2 as the best suiter for the role. He is also attributed to encourage critical business decisions to ensnure high reader interests. His past experience in electronic and print media have allowed him to try out new and unique news making practices in the digital media which is likely to be the most dominant media in the coming years.

Crude Oil

ABC3 is recognized as one of the most talented and dedicated writers in the She has been associated with our leading website since seven years now and has also other writing experience with competitor sites. She has also interned initially as pharmaceutical and biomedical writer in various medical companies owing to her academic excellence in chemistry. However, with her dexterity in research and writing, ABC 3 is also writing incessantly for a range of categories such as crude oil.


A new fit at XYZ1, ABC4 is a dedicated contributor in the fields of biology and chemistry, to be precise. He has also interned with various frontline science-based websites owing to his degree in chemical engineering. Besides freelancing, his role at is a significant milestone for ABC4 where she writes on paleontology and petrochemicals besides others.