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New chemical plant, expectations of 33% more workers’ hiring

New chemical plant opened by Waters Corp. is expected to hire more workers. Recently, Waters Corporation, Taunton received the certificate of Leadership Energy Environmental Design from the Green Building Council. The mayor of Taunton appreciated the works of Waters corp. and said it is practicing well in terms of keeping the environment healthy, even though it is a chemical manufacturing company.

Waters Corporation is the first ever chemical company to receive the LEEDs certification in Massachusetts. Because chemical plant and industry overall generate a lot of waste and contribute massively to pollution, it is an honor to get LEEDs certified, the PR manager of Waters Corp. claimed.

New chemical plant, expectations of 33% more workers’ hiringThe major goal of the chemical company is to generate sustainable material and contribute in the creating as healthy and clean environment as possible. Even the construction of the new chemical plant used sustainable material and products that could be recycled easily in the coming future. Not only for the environmental protection, the Waters Corp. is also an active contributor of generating employment in the country.

Ever since the beginning of the construction of the new chemical plant, the company has hired 25 additional workers and have paid them genuinely. According to their contract with tax increment funds (TIF), the company was supposed to hire 15 additional workers but it obviously exceeded the limit. The reports shows evidence that the company has increased the hiring rate by 33% for the construction of the new chemical plant in Taunton.

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