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NES Partners with Power Africa on Smart Metering and Renewables

Power Africa, a US-based government-led project sponsored by USAID, has designated NES (Networked Energy Services Corporation) as an official partner. NES will assist Power Africa in expanding throughout Africa, including projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, South Africa, and others.The two will work together to generate project finance for the addition of MWs and additional connections.

Collaboration with the business sector is critical to fulfilling Power Africa’s aim of ending electricity poverty,” stated Mark Carrato, Power Africa Coordinator.”We are thrilled to announce our formal relationship with Networked Energy Services, and we look forward to supporting their efforts to provide smart metering solutions to electrical networks across Sub-Saharan Africa.

NES Partners with Power Africa on Smart Metering and RenewablesNES is excited about the future prospects and synergies that will emerge as a consequence of our collaboration with Power Africa, said Larry Colton, Director of International Business Development and Government Affairs. This collaboration will assist NES in expanding the adoption of smart grid and smart metering technologies that will assist African utilities in reducing losses, improving energy efficiency, and improving power delivery.

NES is devoted to creating and delivering long-term value by aligning its business strategy with societal demands while decreasing environmental impact and improving social development.This devotion is ingrained in at every level and is a core component of its interested in collaborating with regional utilities to assist them to implement smart metering and smart grid technologies to minimize losses, enhance the energy economy, and improve service.

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