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Hazardous chemicals in dollar store products

Various toxic chemicals in products at dollar store. Environment Defence tested one of the four-dollar store’ products. A report by Environment Defence department reveals toxic chemicals found in children’s products of dollar store which includes Dollar Tree, Dollarama, family Dollar, 99 cents Only, and many more as well. Department on 4th September found one out of four products which were mixed up with chemicals controlled by the Environment Protection Act.

A few products falling under this category are headphones, and Bisphenol A food cans. However, reports show these chemicals were with a certain limit which are allowed. But the Environment Defence insists on increasing the strictness on the allowability.

Hazardous chemicals in dollar store productsThe chemical manager at Environment Defence, Cassie Barker, said that the internal lead can be exposed if the product is broken or worn down. However, she said if kids use those products and if broken, that internal lead may quickly turn into the external lead. Dollarama claims that the products tested are within the Canadian rules and regulations, hence they are safe to use. The company added such a study was previously conducted in US too and about 17 chemicals were forced to be removed from certain products.

The Hazardous Chemical Screening revealed the more than half of the products have more than one hazardous chemical. The products tested were canned foods including BPA proxy and cans body coated with PVC, pans and cookware, microwavable popcorns, electronics like headphones, etc.

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