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First ever Chemical reclaiming programme, particularly for artificial grass pads

The US has launched its first programme for recycling the artificial grass pads, chemically. The producer, distributor and the constructor of artificial grass pads, TenCate Grass, has partnered up with ExxonMobil and Cyclyx International to chemically reclaim and recycle its product that is quite famous in the Netherlands.

The prime focus of the company is to analyze how they can recycle these synthetic grass pads, both effectively and efficiently, in order to create more pads and other products from it. The process of recycling the synthetic grass turf would enable the manufacturer to generate bestest quality of polyethylene prills in order to produce biofuel for other products. The process involves recycling the grass turf and then burning it to use it as fuel or low quality products that could be used by limited users.

First ever Chemical reclaiming programme, particularly for artificial grass padsAbout 50 synthetic turfs of varied qualities will be collected from various high schools and colleges and will be sent to South California, US, will be shredded through this programme called TenCate Turf Recycling Solutions. The shredded material will be sent to Texas for further processing. The pre-processing will be done by Cyclyx International. They will again send this to ExxonMobil for much advanced recycling of these shredded synthetic grass turfs. ExxonMobil will break the material into much raw material so that it can be used to make other materials and products, considering the best quality is maintained.

TenCate Grass claims that their partnership with Cyclyx International and ExxonMobil will prove beneficial in future. It is primarily for recycling products made out of polyethylene. Furthermore, TenCate Grass claims that about 90% of the synthetic turfs in the US are made up of polyethylene

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