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Dow chemicals supports the sustainable fashion production

Dow chemical company has collaborated with various fashion manufacturers for promoting sustainable production of clothes. The three-year contract between the Dow Chemical Company and Ethiopia has been funded by Dow’s Business Impact Fund (BIF) majorly for promoting waste management and sustained chemicals.

The project leader of Dow Chemical Company said in a press conference that Ethiopia has a major scope of growth in the textile and apparel industry along with the manufacturing of sustainable chemicals out of all countries in eastern Africa. The Dow Chemical Company believes that through this collaboration the fashion industry would be able to generate more sustainable chemicals and be included in practices of waste management for a better future for Ethiopia.

Dow chemicals supports the sustainable fashion productionThis would have an impact on the social, economical and environmental aspects of the country. The scope of this project is doubled including the academic and the industrialists. As far as academics is concerned, the project team collaborated with the Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology in order to develop a new Chemical management curriculum for the undergraduates and to incorporate a textile training programme for the professors.

The second scope is for the industrialists. The scope of this project will enable support to local and small scale manufacturers and industrialists by promoting chemical waste management, cost-effectively.

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