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Dover City Discovers the Potential of Community Power Coalition for Green Power Consumption

According to the Dover City council and non-profit officials, the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire is the state’s extensive non-profit public power station.

 It is ruled by associate communities that examine and exercise customs for counties and municipalities to join forces and control their power supply.The expression of community power stems from history, and the latest state legislation, like Senate Bill 91 and House Bill 315, enable communities to be power aggregators.

Dover City Discovers the Potential of Community Power Coalition for Green Power ConsumptionOfficials stated that principally the community power allows them to cumulate power users in a specified area and charge for the used fuel and energy. He further added that a better price could be achieved with better negotiation with a mindful group of users.Assistant City Manager and City Planner Chris Parker said that there would be a special Dover City Council conference on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 night for the councilor to thrash out the city’s probable involvement before a declaration might be carried for a vote at its further regular meeting.

The decision would let City Manager work along the coalition and Energy Commission in order to check if there exists some potential opportunities.According to Parker, the thought behind community power is to control the buying capacity of a community to create green, stable and competitive electricity options for businesses and residents, and allows the utility persist to manage maintenance and billing.

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