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Chemicals found near Rail yards Houston mayor calls plans insufficient

Deadly Chemicals are reported to be found in Fifth Ward Soil yard in Houston. The mayor decides to take strict action. Sylvester Turner, Mayor of city, claims to renew cleaning plans for decontaminating the rail yard in the northern part of city when highly dangerous chemicals are found in the Fifth Ward Soil. The chemicals found in the said area are highly toxic in nature and cause cancerous diseases, if ingested. These chemicals are reported by the Houston Health Department.

Upon finding the chemicals in the Fifth Ward Soil near the rail yard, the Mayor of Houston city said the remedial measures given by the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality and the Union Pacific for cleaning up the areas are insufficient and needs to be renewed as soon as possible. The measures regarding the dislocation of residents living in that particular area should also be considered.

Chemicals found near Rail yards Houston mayor calls plans insufficientThe Fifth Ward Soil Yard along with the Kashmere Gardens in the Houston City has been a matter of concern for years now. People living in and near those areas have reported excessive amounts of pollution resulting in an increasing number of cases of cancer. This point could be backed up by a 2019 analytical report of the Department of State Health Services, Texas. This report proves that higher than expected cases of cancer are recorded amongst the residents of these areas due to the pollution.

The chemicals found, by the EPA, in these areas are Dioxin and Creosote. Both of these chemicals are highly toxic in nature and are near to impossible to break down in the environment. Dioxin causes cancer, problems like damage to immunity and poor reproductive health tags along. Creosote is another chemical which was found in the Fifth Ward Soil Yard. It contaminates the soil from deep underground and cannot be destroyed easily.

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