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Catalyst Power Offers Cleaner Energy Services to Commercial and Industrial Businesses in Connecticut

In Connecticut, Catalyst Power Holdings LLC, an integrated provider of greener energy solutions for the Commercial and industrial sectors, is launching a variety of power services. Catalyst Power helps Connecticut businesses save money on energy, monetize their roofs, fulfill sustainability goals, and ensure energy resilience by offering custom-priced energy services, Connected Microgrids, and other onsite solar installations.

Businesses in Connecticut who want to work with Catalyst Power must act immediately. Solar projects with a capacity of less than 200 kW will be given contracts on a first-come, first-served basis in February, and will be paid with a 20-year fixed incentive rate.

Catalyst Power Offers Cleaner Energy Services to Commercial and Industrial Businesses in Connecticut“With solar energy, Connecticut businesses may drastically lower their energy expenditures while also generating new cash streams. We’re excited to be entering the Connecticut market to assist companies to save money while creating long-term sustainability, as the state has among of the highest energy rates in the country “Catalyst Power Holdings CEO Gabriel Phillips stated.”For far too long, Connecticut’s middle market has been ignored. We’re here to assist them because they’re a vital component of Connecticut’s economy that deserves to reap the advantages of cleaner, cheaper energy.”

Catalyst Electricity focuses on the world’s first Connected Microgrid network, a no-up-front-cost bespoke solution for Commercial and industrial clients that includes backup generators and onsite solar panels, as well as gas distribution and retail power. Catalyst Power’s network of Connected Microgrids gives small and medium-sized enterprises access to distributed generation. The firm uses a unique technology platform to find, underwrite, fund, and deliver solutions to consumers while also managing more cost-effective onsite energy projects for our retail energy clients.

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