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California Panel Plans on Cutting Natural Gas Usage 

California panel voted on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, to need builders t to involve battery storage and solar power in several new construction projects and also in high-rise residential projects. It is a brand new initiative in the state’s multiple efforts to speed up a switch to alternative energy sources from fossil fuels. All the committee members of the California Energy Commission passed the scheme collectively. The matter will now be brought up by the state’s Building Standards Commission, which will likely include it in an overall reconsideration of the construction code in December.

The power scheme will go on grounds on January 1, 2023, also asks for now houses to be agitated in ways that simplify and also motivate conversion of heating caused by natural gas and appliances to electric sources. The chair of the Energy Commission, David Hochschild said that the future they’re trying to develop for us is a model where the use of fossil fuel is completely eliminated.

California Panel Plans on Cutting Natural Gas UsageBig steps need everyone to play some part. He says that all of us play a part in this development. All the commercial buildings that are likely to be impacted by this implication include schools, restaurants, retail and grocery stores, medical offices and clinics, offices, hotels, and civic spaces like convention centers, auditoriums, and theaters.

Many cities in the state already have banned the use of natural gas in new construction, but the alterations made in the rules on Wednesday would widely enlarge the push away from fossil fuels. The Building Industry Association of California took a neutral stand on the whole situation. However, few utility union members warned against any ban on natural gas, saying that it might lead to customer bills and damage jobs.

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