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Biden Officials to Limit US Natural Gas Exports Called on by Democrats

As Americans battle with home heating sticker shock this winter, over a dozen US Senators are urging the Biden administration to limit natural gas supplies from other countries. We encourage you to take immediate action to curb US natural gas exports and investigate their influence on domestic energy prices, as families across the country continue to suffer high home energy and heating bills.

The letter, which was signed by ten Democrats and Senator Angus King, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, asks the Energy Department to study LNG exports and establish a plan to maintain gas cheap for Americans. The Department should consider delaying permit approvals for US LNG export plants until such a plan is developed. The administration of Vice President Joe Biden is facing criticism from within his own party at an inopportune time.

Biden Officials to Limit US Natural Gas Exports Called on by DemocratsHome heating expenses are skyrocketing, thanks in part to higher natural gas prices, which is adding to unprecedented inflation. The federal government recently predicted that natural gas-fueled houses’ energy bills will rise by 30% this winter. And that forecast was made before the recent surge in natural gas futures, which was triggered by fears of significant winter storms. However, natural gas from the United States provides national security benefits by providing a viable alternative to Russian gas, which has been accused of weaponizing its own energy supply.

The United States recently overtook Qatar and Australia as the world’s largest LNG exporter. In reality, US authorities have been in talks with a number of countries and corporations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia about increasing LNG output to Europe in the case of an interruption caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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