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Biden Administration Revokes Keystone XL Pipeline

After the Biden administration revoked its permission in January, the developer of the Keystone XL pipeline announced Wednesday that it is abandoning the controversial project. After a thorough evaluation of its options and consultation with the government of Alberta, Canada, TC Energy, the Canadian firm behind the project, it announced its decision to cancel it. To secure a safe exit from the project, the business said it would work with regulators, stakeholders, and Indigenous people.

The pipeline’s cancellation puts an end to more than a decade of debate over the project, and it’s a significant victory for environmentalists who claimed it would endanger the environment and exacerbate the climate catastrophe. The project, which sought to transport oil from Canada’s tar sands to the US, has been a political football for years.

Biden Administration Revokes Keystone XL PipelinePresident Joe Biden canceled his predecessor’s permit for Keystone XL on his first day in office and also moved to re-enter the United States into the Paris climate pact. At the time, TC Energy predicted that Biden decision would result in the layoff of thousands of union workers. The cancellation of Keystone XL will add to environmentalist pressure on Biden to cancel other projects, such as Line 3 and the Dakota Access pipeline.

David Turnbull, strategic communications director with Oil Change International, said, “The cancellation of Keystone XL is a reminder that this project was never needed and never in the public interest, and that it is time for the fossil fuel era to rapidly come to a close.” The news was met with sadness by the American Petroleum Institute, the industry’s main trade group.

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