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Alabama Companies Collaborate on Projects in Guyana 

The two companies involved in the Guyana project pact include Myer marine Services and Hargrove Engineers + Constructors. The two Mobile, AL-based companies, have collaborated with a firm in Guyana with the primary goal of expanding the oil and gas sector across the nation.

The pact was mutually agreed upon, ad signed by the two Alabama companies with the Georgetown-based GAICO construction company in August. The main aim of the agreements is to conduct a smooth and productive collaboration among the companies from the two nations, stimulating project development. The collaboration will facilitate development across the country’s Atlantic coast.

Alabama Companies Collaborate on Projects in GuyanaUniting North America and South America, the strategic collaboration will allow the exchange and transfer of skills as well as technology. This will ultimately boost workforce development in the South American side of the deal, exposing it to ideal growth opportunities. Guyana’s well-established oil and gas sector is considered to strengthen with the help of Alabama contributions.

The two mobile companies that entered the agreement received significant support from the Export Alabama Alliance and the Alabama Department of Commerce. The strategic collaboration is an ideal example of companies utilizing the benefits of Export Alliance, commented Greg Canfield. Canfield has been serving as the secretary of the Department of Commerce.Canfield added that the  companies had applied federal services and services offered by local partners. The companies were provided with financial aid under the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) on behalf of the state.

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