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According to a US official Russia took advantage of Europe’s Energy Problems

Russia did not cause Europe’s energy crisis but rather sought to earnings from it, said Amos Hochstein, senior counselor of the global energy security at the United States State Department,”It did nothing to alleviate the situation and, in fact, exacerbated it,” Hochstein said on Wednesday.

Despite indicating it is willing to assist, Russia opted not to supply additional natural gas supplies to Europe for November, according to auction results in October.Gas prices in Europe reached all-time highs in October, owing to increased demand, lower-than-usual stockpiles, and restricted supply.In terms of geopolitics, Washington is afraid that Nord Stream 2 would give Moscow disproportionate sway over Europe’s gas supplies. supplied over 43 percent of Europe’s gas imports in 2020.Meanwhile, Kiev is concerned that may bypass Ukraine and seize its gas money.

According to a US official Russia took advantage of Europe's Energy ProblemsUS Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Wednesday that the US is “very carefully” looking to see whether Russia is using energy as a political instrument.”Should Russia seek to use energy as a weapon or commit future hostile acts against Ukraine, we are determined, as is Germany, to take necessary measures,” he added.

According to Hochstein, Moscow is on the verge of weaponizing electricity.”They’ve gone perilously close to using it as a weapon by insinuating that if Germany makes a political choice to certify the Nord Stream 2 project, all of a sudden, gas would materialize, and there will be enough gas from Russia for Europe,” Hochstein said.

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